Totaka's Song Spotted In Animal Crossing: City Folk

Quick history lesson! Nintendo sound director and musician Kazumi Totaka is the man behind the music behind a lot of your favourite Nintendo games. A cute little touch Totaka blesses each of his games with is "Totaka's Song", a 19-note melody that you'll find in every game he's done the music for. Here's a recap. Anyway, with Animal Crossing: City Folk now disappointing AC fans across America, it hasn't taken long to find the tune in his latest work. All you have to do is leave the game running during Kapp'n's bus ride at the start of the game. Easy. By pressing down a special key it plays a little melody [Offworld]


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Seriously Luke, get over yourself.

Your anti-Nintendo bias is pretty clear to anyone who's been reading Kotaku for any reasonable length of time. I'd be very interested to know if you own or have played AC:CF, or if you've just decided that it's disappointing because you've maybe read a couple of negative comments online.

Either way, regardless of whether you've played it or not, it's a bit rich to speak for the whole of America when I know of many gamers who are more than happy with the latest Animal Crossing.

Hating Nintendo's getting a bit old now, it was so four months ago.

The story here was about the song that appears in all of Totaka's songs being found in the latest Nintendo game, it simply didn't need yet another classic "Luke Plunkett classic" negative comment.