We know that the next game from Will Wright wants to create a unique gaming experience powered by data about how you live your life. Apparently, gamers, your lives include roughage in the bedroom and lots of booze-filled brony love.


Now, the world's seen neither hide nor hair of Hivemind yet but that's not stopping Taiwan's most infamous CGI news team from imagining what the game's going to look and feel like. Next Media Animation predictably riffs off of The Sims but also makes Wright look like he goes to car shows for the bikini-clad spokesmodels.


To me, the weirdest thing is how NMA's version of Will Wright actually looks more like John Carmack. No, check that: the non sequitur cut to the newscasters riding a rocket out-weirds that game developer genius mix-up.

Sims creator Will Wright developing new game for real life [YouTube]

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