And then it’s less exciting. As my characters progress and the space between experience levels grows larger, I get less enthusiastic about this adventure. Is it an adventure, or is it a series of overland maps dotted with similar-looking dungeons, connected by a flimsy narrative? I shouldn’t be perceiving the game like this. I should be too wrapped up in the tale of Eugene the Railmaster’s triumph over... over... who were we fighting again?


Torchlight III feels like less of a full-fledged action role-playing game and more like a character progression simulator. A character builder. Whatever you’d call a game where the sole motivation to play is watching your created character gain new skills and dress up in increasingly fancy gear. There’s nothing wrong with that sort of thing if it’s what you’re into. The pursuit of power is one of the greatest motivators in human history, even if that power ultimately means nothing.

If you love the activity loop of Diablo-style action role-playing games (clicking the mouse), you’ll probably enjoy Torchlight III. The question is, how long will you enjoy it? I’m just finishing up the game’s first act with one character, halfway through with another, and the thought of starting up a third and murdering my way through hours of goblins again is not a pleasant one.