Torchlight Burns Out In Japan [Updated]

The Japanese release of Xbox Live Arcade game Torchlight has been cancelled due to bugs in the game's Japanese text. [via Famitsu]

Updated: Runic's Travis Baldree, developer of Torchlight, sent this statement, which to be perfectly frank I do not quite understand. But we like Torchlight, so...

"We're not privy to the decision making process in providing the game in Japan - but it was not due to bugs in the translation because the game has never been translated to Japanese. Since there was no existing Japanese version of the game, the complexity of a new translation combined with the randomly generated naming scheme for Torchlight made it beyond the scope of the project."

- Travis Baldree, President and Project Lead, Runic Games

Perhaps the issue here is the word "bugs"? –Joel Johnson


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That doesn't actually say canceled, just "Stopped." They wouldn't say delayed unless they could tell you if the problem is fixable or not, which obviously they don't yet.