Top Smash Player Saves Partner With Lightning-Quick Thinking

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The Big House 6 tournament is utterly stacked, and the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U 2 vs. 2 “doubles” bracket is no exception.

With Phase I and II wrapped up, the winners bracket currently has Ally and Mew2King facing off against Ryuga and Rayquaza07, followed by ZeRo and Nairo taking on ANTi and Kamemushi. MVD and ESAM

Of course, success in doubles is all about chemistry and teamwork. Even the best players in the world can’t win it alone. Exhibit A: MVD’s Cloud nearly fell off early in the round against Ally and Mew2King until a clutch lighting bolt from ESAM gave him the extra jump he needed to get back on the stage.


Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to ultimately save the duo who eventually fell to their superior opponents. As a result, they’ll now face Pugwest and Marss in the loser’s bracket where they’ll have to fight for their lives in order to get another shot at the winner’s bracket grand finals.

You can find the complete bracket here. The Smash 4 doubles tournament will resume again at 7:00PM EDT tonight and can be watched in the stream below.

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wait double has friendly fire on?