Top 5 of 10: Cheerleader Bayonetta

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Each week throws off several new video game lists ranging from the humorous to the trivial. What's better? A list of those. Here's a roundup of the rundowns out there.


The Most Stylin' Alternate Costumes [UGO] Twenty-five of the best alternate outfits, from Dairy Bastard Kratos to Tuxedo Snake to Haggar Zangief, who's number one. We admit it, No. 25 got our attention: Cheerleader Bayonetta.

Top 5 Awkward Sex Scenes in Video Games [Ranker] The most awkward one I ever had was in Playboy: The Mansion. I convinced a U.S. senator (female) to pose for the magazine, then had sex with her on a pinball table. As I was living in California at the time, I couldn't put Diane Feinstein out of my mind.


The Five Best Fake Video Games [The Kartel] Bonestorm from The Simpsons, Insult Master from Aqua Teen Hunger Force and, of course Starfighter from The Last Starfighter make up a strong five I'd love to play some day. There's also a Five Worst Fake Video Games, including anything that's ever appeared on a crime drama.

P.S. That was a rental. A rental, dammit. From GameFly. You think I'd pay money for that in person?

10 Bad Habits in Bad Company 2 [Gameranx] Sniping in Port Valdez, hoarding grenades, getting killed while reloading and, yes, getting killed while checking the score. All of these get in the way of effective teammate behavior in Bad Company 2: Kill the other guy. Now, dammit.

Top 10 Video Games Charlie Sheen is Probably Playing [Planet Xbox 360] No. 1? Kinectimals. C'mon, it's got a tiger, right?

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As much as I thought the Charlie Sheen "winning" stuff was funny at first, the humor is really being killed fast.