So conflicted about this. On the one hand, this must represent exactly the kind of corporate licensing sellout that has scratched a deep division between former vocalist Jello Biafra and his erstwhile bandmates. But on the other hand - OMG CALIFORNIA UBER ALLES! Playing three of the finest hardcore punk tracks of the Reagan era in the comfort of your living room may cause high levels of cognitive dissonance, but who knows? Maybe Biafra and co. will tickle some political consciences through the medium of rhythm-based multiplayer gaming. The 3 tracks on offer for 440 MS points (or 160 a pop) are California Uber Alles, Police Truck and Holiday in Cambodia. Check after the jump for next week's full Rock Band DLC list.The following tracks will be released on Xbox Live on November 18th and via PlayStation Store on November 20th. Dead Kennedys 3 Pack - 440 Microsoft Points ($5.50) o "California Uber Alles" - 160 Points ($2) o "Holiday In Cambodia" - 160 Points ($2) o "Police Truck" - 160 Points ($2) Mission Of Burma 3 Pack - 440 Microsoft Points ($5.50) o "Mica" - 160 Points ($2) o "That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate" - 160 Points ($2) o "That's When I Reach For My Revolver" - 160 Points ($2) Century Media Girls of Metal 3 Pack - 440 Microsoft Points ($5.50) o In This Moment - "Forever" - 160 Points ($2) o Lacuna Coil - "Closer" - 160 Points ($2) o Lacuna Coil - "Swamped" - 160 Points ($2) Individual Tracks o Crooked X - "Gone" - 80 Points ($1) Rock Band DLC: Mission of Burma Takes Holiday in Cambodia [Shacknews]