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We're still waiting on our own copy of Tony Hawk Ride for a Kotaku review, but the Giant Bomb crew bravely ventured out of doors to secure a copy, offering their trademark Quick Look at Activision's new peripheral-based skateboarding game.


Not only is it informative, giving curious Tony Hawk Ride investors a 20-plus minute video preview of the game, Jeff Gerstmann fans get a crystal clear look at the man's choice in footwear. The Giant Bomb gang push the Ride board to its technical limits, make accurate comparisons to Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam, help explain the difference between "casual" and "competent" skating, and illustrate just how well the sensor-laden board works in the real world.

Do stick around for the exciting conclusion, which totally shreds! You will believe a Gerstmann can fly.


Quick Look: Tony Hawk RIDE [Giant Bomb]

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