Tomb Raider On PS4 vs. Xbox One: An In-Depth Look

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When I wrote up my own impressions of the next-gen version of Tomb Raider, I hoped I'd soon see Eurogamer's Digital Foundry doing their trademark deep-dive into the technical underpinnings of both the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game. And here we go.


Today, they've published their first look at the next-gen versions, focusing on a frame rate comparison. During gameplay, they've got the PS4 averaging 50.98fps and the Xbox One averaging 29.84fps, with more fluctuation on the PS4 version and a more consistent but lower frame rate on Xbox One.


There's a ton of technical analysis over in the main article, along with some theories as to why Xbox One developer United Front Games decided to cap the frame rate while PS4 developer Nixxes went unlocked.

From Digital Foundry:

For Xbox One, we can only speculate, but we suspect that a lower overall performance resulted in even more noticeable judder were the game to remain unlocked - which would look really unattractive compared to the capped 30fps frame-rate we see in the final game. What's curious from our perspective is that United Front Games on Xbox One would have benefited from a reasonably straightforward porting process from the original PC DirectX 11 code since both platforms use the same API, while Nixxes would have needed to translate the original PC version across to the PS4's LibGNM API - not exactly a walk in the park based on this presentation from Ubisoft Reflections, who are handling the PS4 version of The Crew, ported across from the PC DirectX 11 codebase. Another development source we reached out to suggests that the DX11 'driver' for the Xbox One still requires a lot of work.

For more, read the full report.

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lol still can't even run 60 frames. So next gen! All that talk...all that hype. "But it's a port!" they cry. "This is just a stepping stone to something greater!" they cry. How far are we going to move the goal post? How long are people going to keep making up excuses for these things.

Sure you can argue that people will do better in the coming years. Look at the early 360/ps3 launch games compared to ones released recently this last year. Huge difference. Thing is, the new consoles running on the same architecture as everyone else now(pc), it will plateau a lot faster than the previous generation and it won't be so much about doing what you can with so little power and learning the secrets of the console, it will be about cutting corners and doing magick tricks to get the games running at a consistent frame, FOV and of course graphical settings.

1440p is becoming more common. Most tv/monitors are running at 120mhz...things are going to change AGAIN within the next couple of years and the ps4/x1 are still struggling to keep 60 frames at 1080p native on some of their games. I do believe things will get better. Developers who have more time to work on their game will make better use of the power, but looking at the current status, it doesn't bode well for the consoles in coming years. It's going to dry up even quicker this generation and we're going to hit the ceiling even faster than we have ever before.