Tomb Raider Glitch Ruins Wii Adventures

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Oh Eidos. It's just one thing after another, isn't it? Fresh off the back of what is quickly becoming known as Don't Publish Negative Scores Until We Say You Can-gate, a glitch has been discovered in the Wii version of Tomb Raider: Underworld that makes it impossible to finish the game. In the video clip (see after the jump) you will notice Lara negotiating the usual assortment of stone pillars and deadly drops in the Coastal Thailand section of the game. A leap of faith is required to grab a pole, which turns out to be a lever that lowers the corpse-robbing society girl to ground level and opens a convenient passageway... Except on the Wii, where the lever sometimes doesn't exist.

Eidos recommends reverting to earlier saves and trying again and has published a set of saves that can be plonked on an SD card to work around the problem if you are really stuck. All the same, bad show old girl. Tomb Raider: Underworld glitch prevents gamers from finishing game []


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Do you bash the Wii for not having the capacity to obtain downloadeable updates, or do you bash EIDOS for selling an untested game? Pick.