A new billboard went up in Tokyo's Shibuya Station. It's of a giant black cat. It seems you can pet the giant cat. That, or stick your fingers in its nose. All your fingers.

The billboard is for Kuroneko Yamato (Black Cat Yamato), a Japanese shipping service. This is certainly an arresting billboard!

[Photo: da_rinsan]

Imagine walking through the station and seeing...

[Photo: lovehamster11]


[Photo: ayanu1129]

And seeing people pet the giant cat face.

[Photo: marexpo]

Like so.

[Photos: at801179]

And putting their fingers in its giant cat nostril. You know you'd do it, too!

[Photo: puyoko29]

Here's a side angle.

[Photo: yama1113a]

Because side angles are for nightmares.

[Photo: marexpo]

Sweet dreams!

Top photo: lijiayy

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