Tokyo Restaurant Recommendations, Got 'em?!

To: Crecente From: Bashcraft So! The wife, the boy and I are planning a trip to Tokyo next month (the end of next month — actually!) for the launch of the arcade book I wrote. Here's the thing: You probably know as much as I do about where to eat in Tokyo. Whenever I go there, I only eat burgers in Shibuya (check out the Tower Burger) or at just some random noodle place, MOS Burger or just grab a bentou at the station. Like, I've been to Tokyo a gajillion times, and I never have a clue what the hell I should be eating there.
For example, go to Fukuoka, eat ramen or mentaiko. Go to Nagoya, eat miso katsu. Go to Hokaido, eat sticks of butter. (Kidding!) Go to Tokyo... Any suggestions are most appreciated! The wife and I have honestly been racking our brains for something that isn't either "sushi", "French" or "Tokyo Banana". Maybe we should just stick with burgers... Those are some tasty burgers.

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