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Tokyo Game Show Attendance Down, Yo

Illustration for article titled Tokyo Game Show Attendance Down, Yo

This year's Tokyo Game Show is over, but our memories will live on. Nothing says memories like checking attendance figures, so let's do just that. Let's.


For TGS 2009, the attendance breakdown is:

• 9/24 (Business Day)
27,435 people
• 9/25 (Business Day)
24,605 people
• 9/26 (Public Day)
61,138 people (9,579 kids)
• 9/27 (Public Day)
71,852 people (12,369 kids)
Total: 185,030 people


Compare those numbers with the previous two years:

TGS 2008
• First Business Day
27,305 people
• Second Business Day
24,178 people
• First Public Day
71,639 people (9,207 kids)
• Second Public Day
71,166 people (13,963 kids)
Total: 194,288 people

TGS 2007
• First Business Day
29,783 people
• Second Business Day
32,390 people
• First Public Day
64,795 people (11,829 kids)
• Second Public Day
66,072 people (15,347 kids)
Total: 193,040

Aren't numbers fun?

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Rachel Fogg

It's down a little...but that can't be helped with ole Swiney running loose around the globe.

That and considering the show this year...I would be PISSED to show up and this was all they had to offer.

Imagine going to TGS and getting the Swine flu? That'll ruin your holidays....