A demo for upcoming RPG Dragon Age 2 just hit Xbox Live. It's 2GB, and is available (sorry!) only for Gold subscribers. The PS3 and PC versions are due later today (or tomorrow if you're in Europe).


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I just finished playing it, it's definitely a departure from part 1.

The first part of the demo is basically all mindless hack and slash.

The second part forces you to use tactics, but I'm afraid the only reason it does is because they take away all your potions and healing abilities.

They have definitely dumbed down this game, I don't care what anyone says. There is zero need to use tactics as long as you have potions, I found myself just spamming buttons so I could get to the next cut-scene.

The story still seems solid, but they really have ruined the gameplay by turning it into a "fast-paced" hack and slash game; and no, the graphics are not better, not at all, the graphics are as dumbed down as the gameplay compared with the first one (At least the PC version)

I'll give the PC demo a try only because I really want to like it since I loved the first one, but as I stand now judging by the XBox one I will not be buying this game. This is a big "fuck you" to fans of the original game by Bioware.

I don't understand why, if the first one did well enough to warrant a sequel, they decided to alienate the base that made the first one a success in the first place.

Voice acting added to the main character is a nice touch and pretty much the only improvement I could see over the original :(