​Today's Reason To Feel Good About Being A Gamer

You still get it, don't you? That sneer on the face of someone who thinks that the hours spent playing video games are a waste of time. Here, show them this.


If you're the kind of person that follows the myriad ways that games can improve your abilities, much of the stuff in this video from AsapSCIENCE will be old hat. But, if it's new to you, then you'll come away with interesting findings as just how good games can be for your brain.

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The secret ingredient is phone

When I went back to college 3 years ago and found myself in need of a study group for various difficult classes, I started picking people out of the crowd and telling them they were going to join our study group. I started doing this group organization for every class I was in, and when people would ask me how I was "such a good leader" and "so outgoing" I would usually demure the question because the fact is: I'm not a natural leader, and I am actually an introvert, everything I ever learned about "putting a party together" I learned from raid-leading in WoW.