Today's PS4 Update Makes Rest Mode Work Again

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That sound you just heard is millions of PlayStation 4s finally waking up from Rest Mode, where they've been hibernating for the past week.


Yep, Sony's finally released an update to last week's faulty v2.00 firmware. It's called v2.01, it's live today, and it's 200+ megabytes of nothing but fixes for what v2.00 broke. The patch notes read, simply: "System software stability during use of some features has been improved."

I tested it out this morning, and sure enough, Rest Mode seems to work properly now—I was able to hop in and out of standby without any problems. (Before this update, I'd get the Orange Blinking Light Of Doom and my PS4 wouldn't boot back up without a hard reset.)

Cursory glances around the web reveal that Rest Mode is working properly for PS4 users now, and the firmware update also fixes a few other, less-discussed issues, including YouTube login errors and a weird bug where people couldn't delete any messages.

Of course, we can't say for sure that everything's fixed just yet. Let us know if you're still running into Rest Mode issues or other PS4 problems.

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Yay! Now I can use vita remoteplay at work :)