Today's Creepy Strangers Offer the Nintendo 3DS, Not Candy

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In the past, parents told children not to accept candy from strangers. They might want to add something else to that list: video game portables.


Earlier this month in Hokkaido, Japan, an overweight man in his 40s or 50s called out to a grade schooler on her way home: "I'll give you a 3DS, so come here."

Wearing a black jacket, the man was seated, and thankfully, the grade schooler was smart enough not to approach him.

So kids, do not take candy or game machines from strangers—even if you're offered rare Nintendo handhelds like a clear Game Boy, a Super Famicom Game Boy Advance or a Bathing Ape DS Lite. Just don't!

小学生に対する声かけに注意! [ほっかいどう安全安心情報]


Funny how you mention that the guy was overweight. :P Did you mention it too precise that he'd be too slow to run after her?