Chinese songstress Yang Yuying couldn't have chosen a better video game to accompany a live performance of her song "I'll Be Waiting For You In The Spring" than ThatGameCompany's PlayStation Network masterpiece Flower, though she probably should have asked permission first.

Something being bootlegged in China? No way! I can understand why Yang (or more likely the special's producers) felt that Flower was a good hit for the lovely tune, and after all, who's going to notice footage from an obscure downloadable game from another country?


Flower creator Jenova Chen certainly noticed, drawing attention to the video via his Twitter account with the message: "Our game Flower is used as certain Chinese pop singer's concert display in TV. Of course without our approval."

I supposed it could have been worse. I mean, at least they didn't have someone on stage pretending to play the game as she sang. Our outrage can only be stretched so far.

"I'm waiting for you in the spring," Yang Yuying Favorites Collection []

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