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Today's Best Trailer For A Tweedpunk Video Game

Kotaku friend and Rock Paper Shotgun co-czar Jim Rossignol is moonlighting as a video game developer at a studio called Big Robot. Occasionally he updates us about the progress of his team's PC/Mac/Linux game, Sir, You Are Being Hunted. Happily, this is never awkward, because our friend's procedurally-generated open-world game continues to look fantastic.


Sir, your trailer is excellent.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted - Alpha Teaser [YouTube]

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I feel like we as a culture should be more concerned with the suffixation of "-punk" to mean anything that is a mash-up of something from the past and something from the future. Steampunk? Okay, I get that. Cyberpunk? ...I guess. Tweedpunk?

I've got a few games in the works, you know. One is a psychedelic Braillepunk game for the Wii where the player takes control of a deaf ostrich and works his way across 8 crazy platforming mini-games. The other is an indie Leverpunk platformer where the gamer assumes the role of a lamppost that must make its way across 17 different racetracks while changing time signatures in this wacky mash-up of rhythm games and puzzlers. Stop diluting the meaning of words when there are already sufficient ones existent.

P.S. "Today's best..." implies that there's more than one trailer for a Tweedpunk video game. I don't doubt the accuracy of that implication, I just cringe at it.