And I got infected with the T-virus. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

Universal Studios Japan is once again rolling out its “Cool Japan”-themed area with attractions for Neon Genesis Evangelion, Monster Hunter, Attack on Titan, and Resident Evil.


Update - 6:15PM, Feb 9: We have removed several photos from this post that we had not realized were prohibited according to guidelines handed out to reporters, including Kotaku, attending this event.

The RE attraction is a puzzle-based real-life escape game. While visiting the Umbrella Corporation, you—along with all the other visitors—get accidentally infected and, using a tablet computer, you and your group (which can be up to six people) must look for hints and solve puzzles to find the vaccine and escape.

Last year’s attraction was set in a TV studio, but the cool thing about the attraction is how the Umbrella Corporation offices, which you wander about, have been re-created. And while you search for hints and try to solve puzzles with your group, zombies stumble about and try to scare the crap out of you.

First, you listen to a presentation.

Here’s a map of all four floors you roam around. You need to figure out enough puzzles to get access to the other floors.

The presentation is disrupted.

Oh dear.

I did enjoy the stage show!

It’s hard to see, but there were zombies at the end of this hallway coming for us.

Yes, that’s a zombie.

There’s a zombie hiding behind that desk! She would pop out and stumble around, scaring people.

Looking for clues.

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