To The Random No Man’s Sky Players Who Gave Me Free Stuff

I’ve attached my latest selfie. Why? Because I’m cute as heck!
I’ve attached my latest selfie. Why? Because I’m cute as heck!
Screenshot: Hello Games
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Hi. You probably don’t remember me. I was the chubby Gek pilot exploring the Nexus for the first time when you both handed me some supplies. I didn’t catch your names, but I want to say thank you!


I’m betting all the credits in my spacesuit that I looked pretty lost. My last go at No Man’s Sky multiplayer was back when you couldn’t even see the other players. So I was shocked to see so many folks running around the Nexus the first time I docked. Even more shocking: A notification indicated that one of you had given me an item! I’m still getting my space legs, so that case of life-support gel was extremely helpful.

But I couldn’t believe what happened next. As I was leaving, you handed me an armful of Indium and ran off before I could even get a look at you. I had no immediate need for that particular space metal, so I offloaded most of it at the nearest space station... for over 8 million credits! Your generosity helped me buy several upgrades for my ship as well as a brand-new multitool with several weapon attachments. It’s been very useful in dealing with the horrors in those derelict freighters.

I’m sure it was nothing for you, but your friendly gestures were touching, and made my return to No Man’s Sky significantly less stressful. I feel like a jerk for not thanking you in person. I’ll be sure to pay your generosity forward once I, too, have become a rich space captain!

Your friend,

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No Man’s Sky has an incredible community and Hello Games has done an amazing job making up for their broken promises and underwhelming release.

By the power not given to me by anyone, I hearby declare on behalf of the world, that NMS is a good game and Hello Games should be forgiven.

I have spoken.