I’ve never really thought about this. But, it seems if you Photoshop in avocados into anime characters’ eyes, the result is most unsettling.

Via Otaku News is Natsuki from Uta no Prince-sama, an anime which started out as a visual novel for the PSP.

And thanks to Twitter user Ishima Tsu, here he is with AVOCADO EYES.

[Photo: ishima_tsu]

Goodness! No wonder this image has been retweeted over nine thousand times.

And here is Haruka.

[Photo: ishima_tsu]

Now with AVOCADO EYES. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

[Photo: ishima_tsu]

The side-by-side comparison we’ll never forget. As you can see, the already freaky eyes in Uta no Prince-sama lend themselves to avocados, but you can make creepy images using an array of characters:



Or, you can just make GIFs like this:

Sleep tight!

Top photo: Matome

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