To Hell With These New Consoles, Give Me A Dreamcast 2

Maybe it's the constant barrage of Playstation and Xbox news. Maybe it's nostalgia. But right about now I could really get behind a Dreamcast 2, and it looks like I'm not the only one either.


In the video above (which has a Sonic ad lazily tacked on at the last second), game troll Keith Apicary and the guys from Mega 64 envision a world in which Sega was still a viable hardware player. Look at all the improvements! The graphics! Look on it, ye mighty and despair, for it truly is a thing of beauty:


It makes me weep for my Nomad just seeing it. Yes I owned a Nomad, don't judge me.

Clip via Polaris

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I'm seriously getting bored of this ironic hipster love of the Dreamcast. It had a handful of alright games, most of which were ported to the PS2 anyway. But the controller stands alone as the most wrong design in gaming history. That coupled with it's useless modem and ridiculous memory cards really made it just a series of bad ideas.