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To-Do In San Francisco: Stare At Cool Video-Game-Inspired Art

Illustration for article titled To-Do In San Francisco: Stare At Cool Video-Game-Inspired Art

The big Game Developers Conference happens next week in San Francisco. Then it ends and people who care about video games will have nothing to do but discuss all their great new ideas for video games and attend an art show in the area.


The show, called Game Over IV, will display video-game-inspired artwork by all of these folks:

Lala Albert, Esao Andrews, Nick Arciaga, Andrice Arp, Jesse Balmer, Sasha Barr, Niv Bavarsky, Eric Broers, Aaron Brown, Jeffrey Brown, Jude Buffum, David Chung, Farel Dalrymple, Enfu, Ines Estrada, Jesse Fillingham, Cam Floyd, Matt Furie, Nick Gazin, Mark Giglio, Peter Hamlin, Paul Hornschemeier, David Horvath, Martin Hsu, Rama Hughes, Levon Jihanian, Kinuko, Chris Kuzma, Patrick Kyle, Ginette Lapalme, Little Friends of Printmaking, Kiyoshi Nakazawa, Mare Odomo, Physical Fiction, Ferris Plock, Silvio Porretta, Jarrett Quon, Jesse Reklaw, Rob Sato, Cory Schmitz, Dave Stolte, Superbrothers, Daria Tessler, Jeremy Tinder, Chris Ward, Steven Weissman, Leslie Winchester, Calvin Wong, Jeni Yang, Lawrence Yang, Derek Yu, James Chong, and Mark Ingram.


Plus: Hilary Florido, who made the fantastic Tetris art you see here.

Game Over IV
Location:Giant Robot San Francisco, 618 Shrader Street, San Francisco, CA (Google map of the location)
When: Friday, March 4, 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm (reception); show ends March 30.

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I <3 Mucha and apparently so does this artist.