Los Angeles people get Indiecade this weekend. New Yorkers get Babycastles, the upstart art arcade group that kicks off its biggest event tonight.

Today's opening launches Babycastles Arcade @ The Showpaper 42nd Street Gallery (east of Third Avenue). The exhibition is a confluence of games you can play, art and music, with a rotation of exhibitions throughout the next several weeks. Tonight's free opening starts the run with Babycastles: A Retrospective, featuring side-scrollers that were shown at the group's earlier exhibitions.

The games slated for tonight's opening are:

* Nidhogg (Messhof)
* Canabalt(Adam Atomic)
* KILLJET (Tristan Perich)
* Bit.Trip Runner (Gaijin Games)
* Ultraquest (Marc Arenas)
* Deceptive Platformer (Nocturnal Minds)


Exhibitions will change throughout the weeks, but from personal experience I suggest you anticipate the esoteric and the interesting. The last time I saw the Babycastles guys, they had me play a game that had been made in a few hours — the monitor running the game was installed inside an oven.

Tonight's opening runs from 7-11pm, free admission.

For more information check out the official Babcastles site (which auto-plays music, just so you know).