To-Do In Early May: Watch Live Zelda Ocarina Concert On My Computer

Heather in St. Louis appears to be obsessed with playing the ocarina. She's got a hit YouTube channel full of dozens of videos of her playing Zelda songs, along with Donkey Kong songs, Final Fantasy songs, and even a Nelly song. (She manages to have a different ocarina in just about every other one of these videos.)

Plus, she recently launched an album, Echoes of Gerudo Valley. (It's on iTunes.)


On May 7, she will put on a concert of Zelda music, with some Final Fantasy music mixed in. Fans can choose the playlist at the forums for Vote in the forums or simply check out their Ustream on May 7 at 6pm Central (7pm Eastern).


My New CD Echoes of Gerudo Valley Online Live Launch Concert [Heathers Ocarina]

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