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If you're in the Atlanta area this weekend, you'd be remiss if you didn't stop by MomoCon, the largest free admission fan convention in North America, featuring anime, manga, gaming, comics, and a special Sunday panel session with yours truly.


MomoCon is a free fan convention with a focus on video games, anime, costuming, manga, comics, and just about anything else geeks can be a fan of. It takes place tomorrow and Sunday, taking over several buildings on the Georgia Tech campus in downtown Atlanta. There'll be stuff to buy, contests to participate in, videos to watch, cosplay to oogle, and several enlightening panels, one of which includes a rousing discussion on the ins and outs of the video game press, presented by me.

My panel takes place on Sunday at 5:30PM, a time I picked in hopes that most of the attendees will have gone home at that point. IT will mark my first panel appearance, my public speaking debut, and I might just faint halfway through.


Seriously, it'll at least be vaguely entertaining. There could be puppets.

Check out the MomoCon website for the full schedule of events, and try to be overwhelmingly distracted by something pretty come 5:30 PM Sunday afternoon. I know I will be.

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