The main story only ever puts you near a cab when you need to leave the two main hub worlds for a side adventure. So it’s never explained to the player that there are actually taxis parked all around the edge of both Tokyo and Osaka’s maps, available at all times, which serve as fast-travel points. You can see them on the game’s map screen as little car icons.


Sometimes, I get it, you’ll want to run around and enjoy the city, but if all you need to do is get to a drug store or a certain sidequest location, then catching a cab is the fastest way to get around.

That should just about do it! Like I said above, these are tips for people who have never played these games and are trying Yakuza 0 on the insistence of people like me. They’re not for series veterans. That said, if anyone with experience with the series have any other good ground-level tips, let me know below and if they’re good I’ll add them!