If you’ve got a shiny new PlayStation VR headset, or are thinking of getting one, here’s a cool little feature Sony didn’t really make a big deal of prior to release: it works as a basic head-mounted monitor on pretty much anything, including rival consoles.

It looks like the PSVR will accept pretty much any HDMI signal outputting video, and automatically display it in “cinematic” mode. Which basically means it will show that content on the screen in front of your face, albeit in a way that’s not actually virtual (like, you won’t get 360-degree support or anything).

Here’s an example from Japanese user @chirnoice, using Splatoon on the Wii U:


Our own Kirk Hamilton also tried it out on his Wii U, playing some Super Mario 3D World, and got the same result.

Pretty neat! Sure, the footage isn’t in “true VR”, but this makes the headset handy for households where there are fights over who gets to use the big TV.