Tiny 12-Inch Arcade Cabinet Is Actually Playable

New Wave Toys has teamed up with Atari to produce Replicade x Centipede, the first in a line of fully-functional 1/6 scale replicas of classic arcade games.

Crafted from die-cast metal and wood, the Replicade Amusements Centipede arcade cabinet is a pretty impressive feat of tiny-sizing. Inside the case is some dedicated hardware loaded with a Centipede arcade ROM, outputting to a 3.5 inch LCD screen. Players control the doll-sized game using custom-made trackball and button controls, just like the real thing, only itty bitty.

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As someone who has always wanted to own an arcade cabinet but never had the room, this is a very cool idea. Kickstarter backers seem to agree, as the Kickstarter campaign New Wave Toys launched yesterday has already surpassed its $50,000 target.

The tiny Centipede machine should start shipping in April of next year, with a retail release later in 2018. Early bird units are going for as low as $90, with a suggested retail of $160.

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TheDude - 1☆ Kotaku Celebrity

Does anyone else remember something like this (of lower quality, of course) that came out in the 80s? I had a neighbor who.. I *think* had a tiny Pac-Man game. It’s also entirely possible I dreamed that up..