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"Tinder For Babies" And Other Stupid Ideas Nobody Needs

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hackathons are all the rage these days, but they can be kind of stupid. So some NYU students put together one of their own. Metro New York brings us some of the best ideas from the Stupid Shit No One Needs And Terrible Ideas Hackathon.

The interview on Metro New York is great, and gives a better idea of why someone would organize a Stupid Hackathon:

"A lot people, when they start to work on projects at hackathons, are thinking of problems that they're trying to solve," said Lavigne. "Frequently, the problems that they're trying to solve are really idiotic problems, or problems that don't especially need solving, or problems that can't ever be solved in the framework of a hackathon, or maybe at all."


So what got created? There's that meat face above, which is powering some kind of electronics. Sam Lavigne, one of the organizers, provided me with a partial list of the stupid creations that came out of the hackathon:

  • Tinder for Babies
  • Google Glass app that makes you vomit
  • 3D printed masks of your own face
  • Collaborative Fuck Bike (see attached gif)
  • Laser-cut excuse generator
  • "Cute Poop" app that makes pictures of your poop look cute
  • "Twerk to Work" energy generator that only works when you twerk
  • E.T. Strapon: a strapon that looks like E.T.'s finger - its tip lights up when it touches another strapon.
  • A cover letter generator
  • A television that's also a synthesizer
  • Raw Meat Circuitry (hamburger meat with LEDs in it)
  • An app that converts pixels in videos to emoji (like an ascii art video filter but with emoji)
  • A sort of "hot potato" game on the iPhone - each participant has to make out with the phone and then pass it to the next participant.
  • Edible Unmanned Drone

Yes, there was a gif attached:


Here's the meat-based LED display:


I have no idea what this is:


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