Tina Fey's Secret Video Game Voice Work

In a recent tell all interview with Vanity Fair, Tina Fey of Sarah Palin fame (I kid), tells the magazine that she did a bit of voice work for a pinball machine back in the day.

Did she ever use the Sarah Palin voice to entice her own First Dude?

No, she said, but once, when she did a voice-over for a pinball machine in Chicago, she used an Elly May Clampett voice. "These critters need some attention," she says in a soft southern drawl, giving her husband a sexy glance. She's as pitch-perfect channeling Elly May as she is channeling Palin. "And that was the only time Jeff has kind of hinted that maybe I should talk like that all the time."


The game? It wasn't one based on Beverly Hillbillies.

According to the Internet Pinball Database it was 1997's Medieval Madness by Williams Electronic Games:

Tina Fey (of "Saturday Night Live" fame) did the voices of the "Opera Singer" princess and the Cockney-talking princess.


You can catch her Clampett over at Pinball News.

Leading Lady [Vanity Fair, Thanks Scott]


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