Timesplitters Developers Already Working With the Next Xbox Console?

Last month, there were reports that an "unnamed Electronic Arts studio" already had new Xbox hardware sitting on its desks. EA swiftly denied the rumours, but now another British source is saying almost exactly the same thing.


What makes this particular report interesting is that the source in this case is alleged to be from Crytek UK, the developers of the Timesplitters series. Crytek is not an EA studio, being independent, but it is part of the EA Partners label.

The same report says that Crytek UK has the new consoles because it's working on a Timesplitters title for the machine's launch.

Take this with a grain of salt, of course, but if Microsoft really is looking to release a new console around 2014, then development times and costs being what they are people need a head start on launch titles!


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