TimeSplitters 4 Could Come To Wii, If You Want It

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What platform(s) do you want to play TimeSplitters 4 on? The Free Radical developed shooter that will hopefully make us forget all about Haze is slated to officially come to "next-gen platforms," but Free Radical is looking for feedback on the matter. Should it also come to the Wii? PC? Should they scrap it all and work on something different? We have no inclination if Free Radical plans to take your input seriously, or if it's looking for helpful formulas for disc replication — or if it's just toying with your emotions. Whatever the case, should you be emotionally invested in the TimeSplitters series, we'd recommend voicing your concerns. The Wii is currently leading the poll, as of press time, by a very large margin. I Want To Play TimeSplitters 4 on... [Free Radical - thanks, ]




Why is the poll currently at 65% for the Wii??!!

Timesplitters may be one of the most under-appreciated FPS franchises on the market, but what evidence do people have that any FPS game (other than Metroid 3) is even remotely capable of being compitent on the Wii??!!

Free Radical may be capable of pulling it off ... but seriously, Timesplitters : Future Perfect was damn near the most beautiful and perfect online FPS experience of the last generation (that nobody payed any attention to ... except for the hundreds that STILL play it online) ... it would make me incredibly sad if it ONLY came to the Wii with some kind of major gimping by way of Wiimote only controls.

If it's 100% cross-platform, I'll be fine with that, but PLEASE don't let this be a Wii exclusive.