TimeSplitters 4 Concept Art

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If Haze didn't float your boat, and it didn't float many, Free Radical's right back atcha with TimeSplitters 4. Of course the game has been officially officially known for some time, but FR put up three concept art scans on the official website earlier this week. The chainsaw nun above is one. You can also get a look at some blinged out four-wheel cat ("Cat Racing: Underground") and a dismembered Monkey/Frank n' Furter transvestite robot on a torture rack. If those descriptions don't send you over, I mean, what will. Check also the homage trailer to LucasArts/Revenge of the Sith with Vader's role reprised by, what else, a monkey. Free Radical Design - TimeSplitters 4 [via and thanks to Popzara for noticing the new content.]


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Please let this be on psn/xbl....

Timesplitter is an anazing series...I've high hope for a next gen title.

Keep it fast and funny, and we'll be sold.