Time Warner Supports Square Enix Eidos Bid

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The Square Enix takeover bid for UK publisher Eidos Interactive solidified even further today, as 20% Eidos shareholder Time Warner throws its support behind the Japanese company's offer.


Once thought to be a front runner to buy out the company themselves, Time Warner is now backing Square Enix's recently revealed bid to buy out Tomb Raider publisher Eidos Interactive. Time Warner first invested in Eidos parent company SCi in late 2006, upping their 10% stake in the company to 20% last year. Now all 20% is firmly pledged to Sqaure Enix.


Between Time Warner's support and the management at Eidos asking stockholders to go along with the Square Enix bid, it is looking even more likely that 75% of shareholders will vote for the takeover come the March stockholder meeting.

Warner backs Square Enix's bid for Eidos [MCV]

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So Lara Croft and Kane & Lynch for the next Kingdom Hearts then?