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Folks, this is Talk Amongst Yourselves, your forum to talk about video games. It goes live at 10:20 AM every day, except for days like today when it's 10:58 at the time of this writing and I cheat and put it back in time.

Never mind that. It's October and we've got a new image. It's called Faust and Marguerite in the Garden by James Jacques Joseph Tissot, 1861, submitted by reader JimThePea. Good going, Jim!

Take a crack at being featured atop TAY some time this month simply by making a hilarious Photoshop or some other manipulation of the month's image. Pull a clean version from this thread. Make sure your image is 16x9 and funny. That will improve the odds of your image getting picked. Submit the image to the #TAYpics thread.

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Ok, so in preparation for Skayward Sword, I'm going to complete, from start to finish, each and every (main) console Zelda game. This excludes the GB games, CD-i games, and Four Swords adventure. Each time I finish a game, I'm going to take a snapshot of the end screen for all of you to see.

Will I finish in time? STAY TUNED!