Apple is now taking preorders for its "revolutionary" new shiny thing everyone must own. Will you succumb to the large, vibrant screen of the iPad, or are you made of sterner stuff?

Right now you can visit Apple's online store and place your money down on the iPad, known in some circles as the iPod Touch XL. Paying $499 to $699 will ensure you will have your 16, 32, or 64GB 3G-less iPad in your hands on April 3, while paying a little more will get you the 3G version later in the month.

Will you be buying one?

I'm with the vast majority of my gaming brethren on this subject, at least I think I am. The iPad is a completely unnecessary piece of tech, performing functions easily taken care of with a low-end laptop, only without the benefit of a large hard drive, full physical keyboard, CD-ROM drive, or camera. In short, there is no reason to buy one unless you are hopelessly addicted to shiny new technology.

And I am.

Yes, I've put my money down, and I appreciate the fact that Apple is springing for free Saturday delivery shipping to make sure it's in my hands as soon as possible. I'm not under the impression that I'm buying the device that Steve Jobs and company described on stage in late January. I'm buying a shiny thing with a big screen perfect for reading digital comics in the bathroom.


Many of my tech-related purchases involve the bathroom.

And I know that by being an early adopter, I am setting myself up to be screwed every which way by Apple, as new versions come out in the coming months featuring cameras, more storage space, improved processor speed, etc., but I'm a PC gamer, and I'm used to obsolescence. If I didn't have something to upgrade constantly I'd probably go mad, or be a much more productive person.

So how about you?