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Time To Call Out Iron Man 3's Biggest WTF Moment

You know what, it's hard to argue with some of the stuff in this (spoilery) Iron Man 3 video from How It Should Have Ended. Specifically, how it calls out the movie's biggest WTF moment.


I liked the movie a good deal, but I had the same question at the end: Why on Earth did Tony blow up his suits? I get the gesture, and it's sweet and everything, but dude… you're probably going to need a suit at some point. Maybe even soon! Evil can be somewhat unpredictable, after all.

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(Obvious Spoilers) I absolutely loved this movie, but I almost cried when he blew up his suits. Not only is that a fully functional armory capable of fielding a small army, it was also his history. I also really disliked the way Extremis was used, I was hoping it would be the same Extremis as the comics, as well as Iron Patriot being War Machine, and the loss of the Arc Reactor which to me, is iconic to Tony Stark.