Didn't know this: Red Dead Redemption has an "afk" mode - don't move the controller, and Marston and the HUD disappear, revealing a panoramic view. Digital Foundry used this mode to create startlingly lifelike time-lapse videos that you may download.

The video, hosted at Eurogamer, is embedded on that site, so I can't put it here. Trust me, it's worth the visit, especially on a Saturday. The existence of the afk mode - as this is not a PC game - reveals the designers' intentions that you spend some time taking in the game's bona fide scenic beauty, probably because they worked like hell on it. Digital Foundry gives a great explanation of the level of detail and depth the game delivers.

And if you want the video file for yourself, that too is made available for download through a link on their page.

Red Dead Redemption: World in Motion [Digital Foundry at Eurogamer]