Tim Schafer On Brutal Legend DLC, Patches

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Brutal Legend turned out OK, but it wasn't without its problems, so creator Tim Schafer has announced that his team wants to do some "tuning patches", as well as add some more DLC.


"We definitely want to do more DLC for both single-player and multiplayer", Schafer told GamePro, "as well as some tuning patches."

So what needs tuning? "Watching people play Brutal Legend makes it seem that certain units might be overpowered, like some players will just spam Fire Barons", he says. "It's tough to avoid the pendulum effect where you go back and forth, so we try to focus on one fix that will make the game more fun."


After the Credits: Tim Schafer talks Brutal Legend [GamePro]

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Les Vegetables

Just make it to where, if I drive off of a cliff, it takes me back to said cliff instead of taking me back to the last checkpoint. This is 21st century after all, so it is kind of ridiculous to have to ask for this, but here I am. Especially considering that this silly oversight conflicts completely and utterly against the speed they give you, coupled with the sense of exploration that they encourage.

Fix that and add some side quests with some meat and I will gladly cough up a little more money. Preferably side quests that take place in the part of the game that you start out in—I was very disappointed that the game never let me return there to kick ass. In fact, me and three of my friends have talked several times about how we "accidentally beat the game"