Tim Schafer, Nolan Bushnell and Others Tell You What’s In A Game

Every year sees the release of movies about making music, movies about making other culture and, of course, movies about making movies. Movies about making games? Only once in a while, as with Indie Game The Movie.


But a new documentary is giving you the chance to hear gaming icons like Tim Schafer, Keita Takahashi and Nolan Bushnell hold forth on the special power of making and playing video games. What could make What's In A Game different than other similar efforts is the fact that filmmaker Colin Snyder has worked on the inside of the medium. After you watch the promising trailer, head over to Snyder's Scallopdelion website to learn more.


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Who is Keita Takahashi and what the hell does Nolan Bushnell know about game design?

Nice to see a movie about this, too bad the producer is somewhat miguided on who he should be talking to.