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tim rogers occasionally contributes articles to Kotaku, usually by accident and sometimes by request. He is not a "journalist", and he is not a "writer". He is just some jerk on the internet who works 80-hour weeks and occasionally tabs over to Google Docs, types a sentence or two, and then tabs away. Every once in a while he looks at the Google Doc, copies a bunch of words from it, pastes that into another Google Doc, and shares it with Stephen Totilo, who then reads it and asks what on earth it is supposed to be (always in kinder words).


tim rogers is the founder and director of Action Button Entertainment, an Oakland, California-based game development studio responsible for ZiGGURAT, TNNS, and several upcoming projects that might actually be pretty good. Stay tuned for FASTERBLASTER, a sort of multivitamin for the modern busy human's murder instinct, and VIDEOBALL, Action Button's attempt at the electronic sport that the 21st Century of 1980s science fiction films deserves.

In addition to directing his own game projects, he consults on a variety of subjects with a number of clients, including Zynga, who used his ability to accidentally write tens of thousands of words for the purpose of filling their Facebook app The Friend Game with scores of questions.

His accidental, wholly unprofessional, and occasionally idiotic writings have appeared, for some reason, in EDGE, Paste, Game Developer Magazine, Gamasutra, Wired, GQ, Vogue, and Atomix. His game critique and review blog at Action Button Dot Net is not "infrequently updated", as some might claim—it is updated just as frequently as it needs to be.

Listen to him and his friends Brandon Sheffield (of Game Developer Magazine) and Frank Cifaldi (of Gamasutra) on the Insert Credit Dot Com Podcast, a weekly, wacky, weird, game-related, game-show-ified podcast-ish thing.

Click here if you want to hear him read the first chapter of Moby-Dick. (TL;DR version: narrator believes humans are instinctively attracted to the ocean, enjoys working on boats when he needs a vacation, says it's good exercise, prefers to be paid when vacationing.)


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Easily my favorite guy to write on the site.

I can't wait to hear from him again.