The thing about a very hungry caterpillar is that he's always very hungry. The titular star of Tilterpillar is no exception.

Tilterpillar is a spin on the classic snake game in which the on-screen snake gets longer and longer as players try to avoid colliding with themselves. The spin is that the snake, here a caterpillar, is tilt controlled.

And since the game is tilt controlled, I found myself turning my iPhone every which way to manipulate my caterpillar. It's not an easy game by any means.

The goal is to eat leaves and not "crash"—but when you do, you don't die, you turn into a butterfly. There are power-ups, like orange leaves that make you invincible or blue leaves that speed you up.


The look of the game does invoke Eric Carle, but to nice effect. Everything is cute and colorful and pleasing.

The music works well, too. It's got a nice beat, and it's easy to get into the grove as you chomp on leaves.


Tilterpillar is the first title from Dadako Studios, a small studio in Tokyo. It's a good little game and well worth a look.

Tilterpillar [iTunes]

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