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Tight Lips on Final Fantasy Versus [Update with Character Drawing]

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

At Square Enix's 25th Anniversary event today in Tokyo, company honcho Yoichi Wada took the stage and briefly mentioned Versus. Very briefly. Here's what he said (via Japanese Final Fantasy blogger Marshal.Alloc):

"I cannot say any more than, 'We are making Versus!' Please wait a little longer."


This raises all sorts of questions: Is the game still a Final Fantasy XIII title? Has it been rebranded or renumbered? Is it still a PS3 exclusive?

The Tokyo Game Show is right around the corner. Perhaps Square Enix will disclose more there—maybe sooner. Or perhaps it'll ask players to wait just a little longer.


Update: As a blogger from website FF-Union (via AndriaSang) points out, the pamphlet for the 25th anniversary event had a picture of Versus character Noctis. It was drawn by game designer Tetsuya Nomura and reads, "Please wait for his turn!" The FF-Union blogger was not sure if this was new or old art.

しばらくお待ちください。 [あろっく via 2ch]

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