ThunderCats Writer Murdered

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Stephen Perry, who was a writer for 1980s cartoon ThunderCats, recently went missing. His van was found last Sunday. Inside it, a man's severed arm. Stephen Perry, police now report, is dead.

The 56-year-old writer went missing from his Zephyrhills, Florida home, which authorities discovered was ransacked. His roommates, James Davis (45) and Roxanne Davis (49), disappeared, but have since been arrested on unrelated charges, writes Tampa Bay Online. James Davis was picked up on drug trafficking charges, and his wife is charged with violating probation.


"I cried. I cried when they told me," says 26-year-old Krystal Carroll, the mother of Perry's 5-year-old son. Last year, Carroll moved out and is currently in another relationship. Perry was slated to appear in court on May 9 for a domestic violence charge against Carroll. He has also been battling cancer as well.

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"I am glad they are releasing the information to the public," Carroll added. "At least the public will know and there will be no more speculation about whether he was murdered. I am glad that we will start coming to some kind of closure not only for me and my son, but for the rest of his family as well."

Perry also wrote the 1985 comic book series Time Spirits, which gained renewed interest last winter when similarities between it and Avatar were discovered.


There have been plans to make a Hollywood version of ThunderCats. The project is currently on hold.


Police: Missing Zephyrhills comic writer is victim of homicide [TBO] [Pic]

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Second sentence, second paragraph:

but have since been arrested on unrelated characters

"characters" should read "charges"