Thumb Wrestling Video Game Is As Absurd As You'd Think

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It's called ThumbderDome Wrestling. ThumbderDome. Language is dead, because the most intense thumb wrestling video game in history (that I'm aware of) killed it.

Despite being extremely silly, ThumbderDome Wrestling is actually kinda unique from a control standpoint. It's multiplayer, but two people split one controller, each with—wait for it—a thumbstick of their own. So what I'm saying is it's basically it's the opposite of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. In a lot of ways.

"ThumbderDome Wrestling is a 2 player game played on one controller. You and a friend can settle any score or bet in true bombastic fashion."

"Choose between 4 wrestlers each with their own unique look. Psyche your opponent out moving quickly in and out. If you get pinned don't give up. Rotate your joystick to break free. Build up you special meter and unleash fury on your opponent while you have them under your thumb. Fill the pin meter in your favor to prove you're the best. No ties here. Best out of 3 wins the match."


The game's slogan is "come get thumb!" Of course it is.

You can get your gritty, calloused, streetwise thumbs on it here for free. Oh, and if you haven't watched that trailer yet, you probably should. It is all the flavors of the dumbness rainbow. Also the thumbness rainbow. OK, that's it. Stick a fork in me, I'm thumb. Done. Fuck.

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Is this for people who DON'T have thumbs?