Thrustmaster Get Wii Lightsaber Peripherals RIGHT

Good old Thrustmaster! They made the baddest PC joysticks back in the 90s, and...well, to be honest that's the last experience I had with the company, since my Top Gun joystick from, oh, 1999 is still going strong. Think it's time to get reacquainted with their wares, though, after seeing their entry into the field of tacky Wii Remote clip-on accessories/peripherals. Where other companies would cut corners, release a shark gun, release a plastic tennis racquet, Thrustmaster have released the "Glo Saber Duo Pack", which while lacking an official Star Wars license does come with two very official-looking sabers, which light up (they're LEDs) for added faux-authenticity. Only thing they don't do is make a wwhhuummm noise, but if that's what kept the costs down to $35, we can do it ourselves.


Thrustmaster's Glowing Lightsaber Wiimote Add-on Might Make Force Unleashed Bearable [Gizmodo]

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