Throw Grenades by Voice with Halo: Anniversary's Kinect Functionality

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You can shout "grenade!" and see Master Chief sling one with the Kinect functionality 343 Industries has added to Halo: Anniversary, the high-definition remake coming Nov. 15. Other voice commands include "reload!" the studio revealed yesterday at Comic-Con.

Kinect will also support the spoken command "analyze," which allows players to capture specific items from the environment and store them in the game's "Library," where they are given a text listing and a 3D model to view up close.

Library is available only for those with Kinect, however. (Reloading and grenade chucking are, of course, available for controller-only gamers.)


Though 343 did not specify further, it sounds as though "reload," "grenade" and "analyze" are not the only spoken commands Halo: Anniversary will recognize. We'd already heard that Kinect would allow players to switch the game between its high-definition and classic graphics.

Also, ShackNews reported that 343 revealed that "Hang 'Em High" is the final multiplayer map for Anniversary.

A short video of 343's discussion of Kinect functionality may be seen at Joystiq.


Halo Anniversary Kinect Detailed, Goes Gold [Shacknews]

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So why do you need a Kinect for this? You already have the headset attached to your controller. Can's you do the voice command over the mic? That's one thing I didn't quite understand: does Kinect offer something additional to the voice command which has been there since the day 0 of 360?