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Three Pinballs Attempt To Steal The Death Star Plans

In the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story pinball table, a ragtag band of shiny silver balls attempt to simulate obtaining the plans to the Empire’s planet-killing super-weapon. Will they survive to be featured in the Star Wars Episode IV pinball table?


Rogue One is the 14th Star Wars table to the Zen Pinball 2/Pinball FX 2 platforms, and by all rights it should be the grimmest entry in the series yet. Instead it’s rather nice, once you put the plot of the movie out of your mind.

Illustration for article titled Three Pinballs Attempt To Steal The Death Star Plans

The table is laid out as sort of a stage, with the top central opening up to a number of playable scenes once the player spells out R-O-G-U-E in lights at the top. It’s got sneaky Jyn bits, spaceship battles (though I hear most of those were added in reshoots), space samurai combat and fiddling about with whichever giant walkers were featured in the beach scene.

Mind you won’t see much at all of that in my play through above. Just a valiant attempt at saving some people leading to the untimely but heroic deaths of three pinballs.

The Rogue One pinball table is available wherever Zen Studios puts its pinball games, which is basically all over the damn place.

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Not canon. I don’t see any Bothan Spies.